Lake Saint Clair Nature retreat provides a stable natural bush environment which is the home of abundant flora and fauna.


Wildlife is diverse, from Kangaroo's to Wombats. I was going to say Aardvarks to cover the begining of the alphabet, but of course we don't have them in Australia..except in zoo's..

Around dusk these little bats will start searching for food, you may see them flying aroud the lights as they search for insects. Known as the Southern Bentwing Bat, they are only found in the south east of South Australia and eastern Victoria. They use echolocation or sonar to navigate and search for insects, such as moths and beetles. Adult females give birth to a single pup between October and January. The pups are fully furred and attempt their first flights at between 4-5 weeks of age.


The birds of Lake Saint Clair are far from reclusive. Superb Fairy-wrens, Splendid Blue Wrens, Magpies & Native Cocky's will always show up for a photoshoot. Bool Lagoon, an hour's drive from Lake Saint Clair, is worth a trip, but check with National Parks and Wildlife first to make sure the lagoon is at least partially full.

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