Mon and John John and Mon have lived in the South East since the early 70's. They owned and operated a Dairy property at Wandillo for many years which also had a semi automated piggery and Dog & Cat Boarding Kennels. Needing to slow down a bit, they sold the Dairy property and moved into Mt Gambier and after a bit of a rest started a Slender Image Beauty Salon. Mon, a Qualified Beauty Therapist and John, a Qualified Masseur and Bowen Therapist offered, amongst other things Body Toning, Waxing, Clay Wraps, Massages, and Bowen Treatments. They sold Slender Image and once again started a similar business in Kingston. Both became active nudists in 1999 after discovering the freedom of skinnydipping in Broome while on a round Australia Trip. Their next foray into naturism came when looking for a place to stay, they found Tindo Nudist Colony and where welcomed by the close knit community there. They were active members of Sunland, which they also managed for a while before deciding to start their own Naturism Destination.

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