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The first industry in the South East of South Australia was a whaling station at Whalers point, which was, in 1870, renamed Glens Point after George Glen, an early pioneer, then later was renamed again to Beachport. It is nestled on the northwestern tip of Rivoli Bay and has stunning views of the coast from Bowmans scenic drive, along with surfing, sandy beaches, safe swimming and of course great fishing from its long jetty.
Beachport Conservation Park

Beachport Conservation Park

Is an area of some 710 hectares between Lake George and the Southern Ocean. With white sandy beaches and weathered limestone cliffs, it is a photographer’s paradise.
The Boandik Aboriginal people lived in this area for thousands of years and you will find reminders of their inhabitance throughout the park. There are 3 4WD only tracks that wind down to the coast. Please make sure that you stay on the tracks marked with orange posts. The Beaches are not safe for swimming but will pose happily for photographs. Normal 2WD cars can get as far as Woolley rocks along the Wattle Range Scenic Drive.
Woolley Lake is a small saltwater lagoon. To the north, Two Lakes is a freshwater pond. Each lake is only a short walk from Five Mile Drift Road. Black Duck, Swans and a variety of other birds frequent these lakes, especially in summer.

The Jack and Hilda McArthur Walk circles around Woolley Lake with name plates identifying many of the plants that you will come across.
Railway Terrace, Beachport

Beachport Jetty

At 700 metres long extending out into Rivoli Bay, it is the second longest jetty in South Australia.(the longest being at Port Germein at 1570 metres which also makes it the longest in the Southern Hemisphere) Fishing is ideal from the jetty (take a jumper with you) with a chance to catch , among others, Whiting, Salmon and Mulloway.
You'll find it easily enough
Beachport Jetty
Old Wool and Grain Store

Beachport Old Wool And Grain Store

Has a unique collection of  history about Beachport and surrounding areas including the whaling and fishing industries.
Railway Terrace, Beachport. Ph. 08 8735 8029

Centenary Park - Beachport

Is six acres of parkland that includes a large lagoon, barbeque areas, a Children’s playground and extensive lawned areas. Centenary Park is located in the centre of town.
Town Centre, Beachport
Centenary Park
Pool of Siloam

Pool of Siloam

The pool of Siloam is reputedly seven times more salty than the sea which also makes it very buoyant and as a result swimming is extremely easy.
Crn McCourt St and Bowman Scenic Drv, Beachport

Woakwine Cutting

The Woakwine Cutting was a project to drain swampland for farming. After its completion three years later, the two men that worked it using a D7 Tractor had removed 276,000 cubic metres of dirt and rock. The Cutting is one Kilometre long, 28.34 metres deep at its lowest point and 36.57 metres wide at the top. The cutting has a viewing platform along with information plaques.
Woakwine Cutting Road, Beachport
Woakwine Cutting

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